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Q'eswachaka Inca Grass Bridge beneath the Milky Way, Peru 2014

Q'eswachaka Inca Grass Bridge beneath the glowing Milky Way, Peru 2014

The last remaining Inca Grass bridge is renewed annually over a period of three days, by workers from three villages either side of the Apurimac river, as an altitude of 3,700m
Every person in the village has to produce a 60m rope, about 1-2cm in diameter
40 of these are then twisted together into larger 50m ropes.
Then three of these are plaited together to make the final rope, which is about 40-45cm thick, 40m long, sufficient to span the canyon.
They have been tested to withstand a load of 1.8 tons each & there are 6 used in the construction of the bridge - giving a working load of about 10 tons - incredibly strong.

The Red glow is firelight from the shamans performing a ceremony the other side of the bridge to celebrate its inauguration.

Being at 3,700m in the Peruvian Andes, there is no pollution, & villages make no light pollution either, so the Milky Way is always super bright.

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